Candlemas in Bryn Gwlad and getting awarded.

What happened?

Candlemas here in Austin is focused mostly on classes, fellowship, and feasting. Its our celebration event at the beginning of the year, with A&S and performing arts being featured locally.

I taught my button making class this year and really enjoyed every aspect of the event. Oh, and I also was honored to receive both my Award of Arms AND the local award of the Muse. The Muse  is awarded to inspiring individuals within the Barony. I was very surprised to be called into court and cried happy tears the whole time I was in court.

The words the Baroness had for my were amazing and humbling and just perfect in every way.  Unfortunately my husband was unable to attend this event, but I ended up having several gentlemen run to escort me into court which was also fun in its own way.

My good friend Mariana de Salamanca also received her Muse this day, so we are Muse Twins now, even our scrolls match but in different color schemes. I am awed to have received this honor at the same event she did.

We also had a newcomer attend with us. She seemed to very much enjoy her first event! This made me really happy and she participated in classes, listening to the bardic competition and enjoying feasting heartily with us. My small group of friends focuses a lot of attention on encouraging newcomers as we like to make sure we have solid converts to the SCA.

Oh how we grow:

I think it is amusing to note is that I lent out old garb to two friends who did not have it that day. Our newcomer friend was wearing the first outfit I ever made (for Renfest)  approximately 17 years ago. Another friend one from my earlier SCA days about 8 years ago. I was wearing a much more current wool dress that is more indicative of my current work. It was really fun to see the progression in my sewing quality, historical accuracy, etc! I also felt really spiffy because it was actually cool enough to wear my wimple and veil. When we look good we feel good! Even better if its period appropriate!



Mariana de Salamanca teaching her AMAZING fabric overview class.

And here she is receiving her Muse Award. On the left in the pink is one of my early attempts at an SCA cotehardie, on the right (me!) in grey is a more recent and much better attempt.


Listening to the Bardic competition. I need to fix/darn the tear in this dress.


Receiving my awards in court


Who me?!? Shocked and crying happy tears!


Run gentlemen or else she will escort herself in her daze!


Elated over the surprise and honor.


The AOA and circlet.


The Muse and pendant.

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