And the fascination begins…

For some time now I have been obsessed with the frothy and amazing lace I have seen in late period paintings. What started it was a beautiful baby cap  I saw on my trip to Spain several years ago with Mariana de Salamanca. Here are the images I have from that piece, which is dated to the late 16th century or early 17th century, and from Italy.

Rough translation: Late sixteenth century – early seventeenth century Reticella of linen thread embroidered in kinks

It has since morphed into stalking lace making on Pinterest, saving every photo of paintings with lace partlets and cuffs and every other type of sumptuous froth I can get my eyes on. I even purchased some linen threads to play around with, and attempted a reticello handkerchief.

Now since I have seen this I have been dying to recreate it, but I have been afraid of the technique without at least a primer before diving in. The opportunity appeared for a primer of sorts this Gulf Wars, with the amazing Mistress Isabel Winterbourne in her Punto in Aria class, which was amazing! I learned much of what I will need to work on this project. Once I arrived home also purchased Frederico Vinciolo’s Book facsimile from 1587 on lace patterns. I am highly impressed with this little and quite inexpensive tome, and would recommend it as a starting point for others interested in lace patterning. This book was printed 17 times between 1587 and 1658 according to the preface, so it seems to have been quite the popular model book in period.

My plan as of right now is to improve my technique, figure out the pattern above and publish it here on the blog, I want to work my way through the pattern books I have PDF copies of, as well as Vinciolo’s and possibly combine the resultant pieces into a partlet of lace to wear. Inserts into chemises would be amazing at some point as well! So many plans and never enough time!


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