Gulf Wars 26, How all the fun was had!

War of the Volunteer

This Gulf Ward was a BLAST. We camped with a new group, in new Kodiak Canvas tents (which I cannot recommend enough, rock solid in wind and rain). It was cold which I like a lot being from more northern climates. Cold lets me get things done. Cold means I don’t overheat and die.

I decided a couple months ago this would be my Volunteer all the things War. I taught my button class, I did shifts in parking, information point, scribes point, and received my feather for volunteering (10+ hours).

War of the Hats

This was the War of the Hats as well, I bought 3, along with LOTS of other goodies, including some sewing things, a small perfume bottle, a Basketman basket and stool, silk scarves and more. I was also gifted with an amazing raspberry silk brocade from a friend for an upcoming project you will surely hear about, and a cherry¬†Egill’s woodstuff veil box with mirror which is being custom built so I am waiting for with bated breath and will match all my looms and spinning wheels.

We also are working into our fold a relative newcomer. His parents were SCA people but have not participated since he was a child 20 some years ago. I have offered to make him some new tunics so he does not have to wear his fathers hand me downs. We reveled and attended many parties together and very much enjoyed the company.

Camping with Black Willow was amazing, we had great fellowship and I cooked dinner for the camp twice during the week which was very well received. We also very much enjoyed the Blue Feather Social which the camp hosts, and contributed lanterns and Moroccan fairy lights, along with alcohol and conversation.

Unfortunately I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do as my battery backup stopped working early in war, so here are the few I have in no particular order.


Staging the living room. I am camp Mom so I bring ALL THE THINGS!


On the Way! My hubby was able to come for part of the War.


Waiting to Troll In.


Unpacking the Trailer, this is about half of our stuff :O


Settled in and gone shopping. I love my pink linen kirtle.


I painted a scroll!


Off to teach my class!


I learned Punto in Aria!


All the Hats!


Some of the other purchases.


What was your gulf wars like?

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