Heading to Pennsic!

I am getting ready to head to Pennsic, a bit early as I will be looking for work and staying with family in the D.C. metro area before (and after) the event.

Packing has gone smoothly, although I have realized that a lot of stuff after Gulf Wars didn’t get done because of my last semester in nursing school being so hectic and stressful. But now its all done and I will be in the Maryland area from July 4th- sometime in August. I have the most patient and supportive husband for these coming changes in our lives. Hopefully I will find a position up on the east coast and we can start the transition from Texas back to Maryland.

I will be camping with House Hedgehog, and if anyone wants to stop by and ask for Bertina. I plan to have a personal needle lace project with me, and a couple of little kits to try out the techniques if you want. Look forward to seeing everyone there!!!

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