Next Lace Project

I’ve decided on my next lace project, its from The Needles Excellency, printed in 1631. I’ve cleaned up the original digitally and will be posting it below. This strip is repeatable, and I plan on putting it on a partlet. Or possibly a chemise.

This piece is likely going to take a VERY long time to finish!  I will need approximately 30-40 inches of lace.

I also recently ordered some Mylar, to use as a more durable surface for the lace. The Modern Maker suggested this and I found many sheets for sale on Amazon. I went with 7.5 mil. and it looks to be nice and thick, although slightly frosted. This is the link to the Mylar.

Basically I will print this, sizing it to my liking on a piece of brightly colored card stock (I generally use blue) then put the mylar over it. Holes will be pricked in both layers to lay the threads, and then the Punto in Aria stitched on top. When I am done with the piece I will cut off the section, and move it down, repeating the above steps until I have a length I need.

I will be using Londonderry 100/3 Linen thread,

The printable.

Right click and save the image. You may need to resize this according to your printer/computer.

I hope you enjoy!



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