About Me

Bertina began dabbling in the arts at the tender young age of 4, when she started on her first beading adventure with a loom and a fascination with Native American bead work. She quickly expanded her skills with not only beads, but metal weaving, crochet, and embroidery as well.

When she was 10 she became engrossed with the medieval and renaissance time periods, and started working with Chain Maille, which she did almost exclusively for 10 years, improving her technique, narrowing down her metal choices and adding many “weaves” to her repertoire. During those years she also became involved with the Society for Creative Anachronisms, or SCA, and developed a love for all things nerd and geeky. Oh, and she of course went to school occasionally as well.

Sometime in college, Bertina started working at, and then managing a small local bead store in Frederick Maryland, which prompted her to again broaden her focus from just Chain Maille into all types of jewelry making, from pearl knotting, to free form bead weaving.  She taught extensive jewelry classes in her time at the bead shop, and also broadened her non-jewelry crafting skills, adding costume design, embroidery techniques, several forms of lace making, hand dying, and others to the arsenal. She regularly attended vending spots at D.C. goth clubs, selling her wares to the dancers and revelers of the night, as well as several small shops in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

Sometime in 2010, Bertina met the Love of her Life, who happened to live half way across the country in Austin, Texas. This prompted an impetuous move, only a month or two after meeting him, to live in beautiful Austin. This is widely regarded as “the best thing to ever happen since sliced bread”. She and him are now happily married, and he supports all of her artistic pursuits wholeheartedly. He has even picked up some skills, such as cross stitching and crochet.

Bertina recently graduated Nursing School with her RN, and is working on historical research in the embroidery and needle arts areas.
She has been awarded her AoA and the Muse of Bryn Gwlad for her efforts in running classes and teaching at local events.
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