Grey Wool Cote

This is a simple self supportive cotehardie made out of 4 yards light weight dark grey wool. It has short sleeves and was cut without a waist seam. The internal seams were done by machine, but the finishing and buttons/buttonholes were done by hand with silk and faux pearls. I would say this is my most worn piece of garb, and it is also one of my favorites. It works with both modern and period undergarments, and I can use a variety of veils with it which I like.


Even with the small amount of fabric, I managed to get quite a nice drape and flair as evidenced by the final picture. I think the fit is spot on, and like I said really love this dress. These pictures all show with period undergarments, and illustrate that even for a larger and quite large busted woman I can get good support with period fits. Actually maybe even better than modern undergarments, as my straps are not always falling down.